Holiday Blues!!

I forgot how blue the sky could be!
Our first family holiday abroad in two years and we loved every minute of it!
It's just so wonderful to have beautiful sunshine everyday, and breath in the warmth.
The sky was sooo blue,

everything just looks plugged in!

We had the best family fab time,
playing on the beach, I taught Lil how to make sand bombs so we could make sculptures and pictures,

we fed fish in the sea,

did lots of 'laffing'

and chillin!

Lil became Black Jack Queen, 

and sat under the trees on the beach playing for hours when the sun got too hot.

Me and Chris took it in turns to get up really early, to go for walks while the bay was empty and the sun was rising.

I would walk to the top of the cliff to the furthest view point that just looked clear out to sea as far as the eye could see, and think and write. It was very good for the soul!! I would stand on the wall which over looked a bit of cliff then a shere drop into the sea,

and pretent I was Kate Winslet on the Titanic with Leo behind me and just look out at this

...I think it's one of those where you have to be there.

Ahhhhh, holidays just don't last long enough, 
a week flew by. It's taken me an hour to write this post as I've just spent ages looking through all the photo's and smiling, magic.
But it's all good, 
back to work now to work hard and save up for the next adventure! 
The girls are back to school tomorrow, and Sonny's first day at full time 'propper' a BIG boy!
But I'll probably bore you a little more this week with more holiday snaps to inspire me through the first few days of catching up and paper work. 
Hope you've all had great holidays and the sun has been shining down on you:)!


  1. WOW!!!
    I feel like I was there with you!!
    what a beautiful place - love the black jack queen photo and the chilled out reading of Hello!
    I want to go live in that last photo! Now!!! xx

  2. Great pics.Glad you all had a fantastic holiday.

  3. Welcome back! Your holiday looks such fun! Good luck to Sonny for his first day at school, and hope you have a peaceful day home alone!

  4. Looks fab, thanks for bringing the sun back with you ;)

  5. This post just popped up in my reader.....looks like a fab holiday fantastic photos, sand bomb pictures??? Got any shots of those? and I love the Kate Winslet moment :-)


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