Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week... Okido

You have probably come across Okido before, a wonderful kids magazine about art and science. We discovered it this summer and the kids LOVE IT!!

Okido is the brainchild of designer and scientist Sophie Dauvois  and illustrator Rachel Ortas who is the creative director. The whole magazine is beautifully illustrated by contemporary artists some of whom are here.

this months issue is about body noises, rumbley tummies with Messy Monster...

how we sing and speak ( the kids loved holding the page up to the light to see the vocal chords!)...

Hiccups, heart beats, coughs....

and of course the odd fart! ( which amuses the kids no end!!)
Check out Okido's site, blog & shop for more info, and at £3.50 a bargain I think!


  1. This is awesome!!!! I wonder if you can order it here in Australia? Oh and thanks for the encouragement much appreciated.

  2. Yes, big fans in our house. Shame it's only every 2 months! Mind you, Nelly reads and reads and reads each issue, so they do last a while!


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