TFI Friday!!

OOOooooo it's always a shocker that first school week back after the summer hols!

You're suddenly thrown back into that routine of lunch boxes, manic teeth brushing, putting trousers on back to front and setting off with shoes on the wrong feet..... and that's all before 8.30.... and that's just me!! never mind the kids! ( who are not used to being out of pj's before 11 o'clock!! )

And now they're all safely at school I must do a bit of cleaning! ( I'm terrible, I'm no domestic goddess, we like the lived in homely look, you know half eaten apples in the fruit bowl and Ken's (from Ken & Barbie fame) decapitated head laying on the welcome mat...3 days now!) but my mum and dad are coming over to babysit tonight so I have to make an effort!!

So as this manic week comes to a close with a bit domestic bliss, ( but we're going out with friends tonight which I'm really looking forward to so it's all good!)
 I'm going to put on my AIR Moon Safari CD on the ghetto blaster ( I normally clean to dance music! something to speed things up! but I feel the need to wind down at the end of this week), 
take some deep breaths, (come on do it with me, breath in.....hold it......breath out)
grab the Cif bathroom spray and my marigolds and set too!!!

Have a wonderful relaxing fun weekend! (with no domesticity at all!)


  1. Glad there's someone else like me ;D hate cleaning up, much better things to be doing!
    Have had one start college, one at secondary and little one in year 1, my heads in a spin! (plus all boys!!)

  2. Oh I am so glad your household mornings are just the same as ours. Its the teeth brushing that gets to me more than anything - and having to carry all their bags, as my two dont know what their hands are for - this morning I had 1 rucksack, 1 book bag, 2 lunch boxes, 1 drinks bottle and 1 very heavy PE bag to carry - some days I feel like a cart horse - hooray, its the weekend tomorrow, have a good one....x

  3. I started off the week sooo well with lunchboxes, uniforms and bookbags all packed the night this morning all had gone pear shaped, Alf had 2 pairs of school trousers in the wash, one soaking wet on the 'to dry' pile and the other covered in food left for packed lunches...homework still in the book bag not done...AND does it really take 40 minutes to eat breakfast?
    Love your blog x

  4. Ah thanks, for those great comments! It's very comforting to know I'm not the only one! It makes life more fun doesn't it?!


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