What's Hot & What's Not

What's Hot & what's not from Loobylu, join in!

I'm going to start with Not this week and then end on a high!


The rain...

rain, rain, and ooooo just a bit more rain.
I've been holding the fort on my own this week, Chris is away with work so I've had to do all the taxi-ing on my own in the pouring rain!
And the storm that hit our house in the middle of the night was horrid, I thought our house was going whizz up in the Sky, like in The Wizard of Oz! Lil & Son came to sleep with me, ( Sky can sleep through anything!)

Car braking down in the pouring rain on Monday, just after Chris left...sorting the kids out to school, going to the garage and being £225.00 lighter...ooooo great.

Being a Taxi to children who have such great social lives!

The rain.


Planning Christmas (oooo I love Christmas) and going screen printing to print these card designs up.

Snuggling up with my kids listening to the pouring rain on the velux above our bed nice and cozy.

Reading with Sky last night and being very proud at listening to her get better and better.

Being in a crowded nursery cloak room sheltering from the rain with all the other Mums & Dads and Sonny coming out and saying " Mummy, I love you" All the Mums went Awwwwww! (He's such a charmer, can wind me around his little finger!)
felt sorry for the mum whose child's first words were " Mummy I've had an accident " and passed her a carrier of wet clothes!

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