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Wow Wednesday again, time is on fast forward! I'm joining in Loobylu's meme 'What's Hot & Not' again Join in!


Christmas is coming! and I've been making Christmas cards and tags, I love Christmas I do!

Cold, fresh misty mornings, Winters officially here and I'm not the biggest fan of winter but we've had some really pretty mornings here, wrapping up on the school run...photo's don't give it justice!

Managing to finish my butterfly fabric art, inspired by Sonny singing "Flooooat, fluuuter flyyyyy" around the house from an episode of Back Yardigans! I plan to do some more as I found the stitching very therapeutic!

Seeing Eddie Izzard the other evening, very clever and funny!

Rob Ryan Exhibition opening at YSP..can't wait, BIG fan, see post below!

Discovering new music, via my music crazy brother! - Blossom Dearie

and the fab blog Kickcan & Conkers, a visual delight of wonderful inspiration!


Boiler trouble, it always brakes down in November...after it's service, fingers crossed after the 3rd gas guy calling it's ok!

I'm doing a lino cutting course in a couple of weeks and can't find any reference books to inspire and prepare me! there's a big gap in the market me thinks.

screen prints not turning out how you want them to after a day of time booked in the screen printing studio..it's just not how I want it! Oh well back to the drawing board!

And finally, fighting time! I need 36 hour days and 10 day weeks, and energy levels run low on these short days and dark evenings no matter how many jaffa cakes I wash down with full fat coke, and no matter how hard I try to simplify my life it just gets busier!
Off now for a relaxing bath...that's if the boiler says "Ok Lise you can have some hot water....!"


  1. I love Paolo Nutini! I always listen to New Shoes way too loud!

  2. I've discovered recently that there's a lack of lino cutting books around too! And courses near me for that matter! Will be in touch if I find any good books!
    Love your float flutter fly embroidery, very charming!

  3. Thanks for ther mention - greatly appreciated :)
    Love, love Paolo Nutini, drive my family nuts with him (I also confess to playing New Shoes way too loud!).
    Lovely pics of Yorkshire mist, make me feel home sick.

  4. So pleased to have some new music to check out. Love the mist and love the fabric art. You are a clever one. xx

  5. float flutter fly....Backyardigans?


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