My creative space

My creative space has been at the WYPW experimenting with screen printing,
above is my drawing board space to sort out, to do pile, sort out finished work and list something in my Etsy shop
( my aim to list one piece of work a day for a fortnight!)

some experimenting went wrong....

Some experimenting was fun....

and some experimenting festive! The creamy colour in the background has a gold sheen to it, I think this would look good with a red background too...more experimenting to do!
More creative spaces at Kootoyoo, join in!


  1. looks like fun with the silk screening and you have very cute products!

  2. I love the owl! Your creative space always looks so busy!!!! x

  3. I love your beautiful images, especially the mermaids. It's good to have an aim/goal like your daily etsy listings, keeps you motivated! xo

  4. That looks like it's been lots of fun. I love the paint splattered shots from a screenprinters workspace - art in themselves!

  5. Creativity and fun packed together! I love the Christmas themes.

  6. your prints are wonderful - what a great resource that print workshop is. love the sound of the gold-sheeny background! still can't see what's wrong with the mermaids though.

  7. so cool! Lovely to see this side of your prints (the making!) xxx


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