the future?....

My Sonny's just turned 4 ( granted, he looks at least 6, he's a big lad, it's all the Yorkshire pudding... and fresh air!) but I always think how mad and fast everything is going , especially technology, and if it amazes me now... constantly, what's it going to be like when Son's my age? He's already a whizz on my mac, it's part of his everyday life, at 4.

Chris came back from a conference and showed me this, I know it's advertising, but wow, lets hope the next generation put it to some good, I mean real GOOD, not just business and money making or war good.

And fingers crossed I'm bringing mine up right to do that, ... Yorkshire pudding 'an all!!


  1. It's amazing how quickly technology is advancing all around us. My son was watching on old Mr. Rogers on YouTube last week and asked how to make it color. I'm with on the fingers crossed for goodness. I've never had Yorkshire pudding, but I'm betting it leads to goodness as well.

  2. That was awesome video - I want it all NOW, and it just had to have been powered by Mac (see pinch control) - windows just couldn't cope, it's too clunky! I too am a mac user, so all power to the son who can use it! My kids prefer my iMac, but it's in the wrong place - not near the tv!!! Loved this post x

  3. WOW! What will the future hold? To think that my grandmother as a child didn't even have telephones or cars and in her life time (even though she is 90) things have changed so dramatically. I think I have watched too many sci fi movies though because it all looks too perfect it kind of makes me feel slightly uneasy, still technology isn't the problem its the human heart!


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