What's hot & what's not...

I'm joining in with Loobylu's 'What hot & Not' this week...


Sewing with the girls, they inspire me soooo much, with their fab imaginations free from worrying about mortgages, bills, ironing, what to make for the tea with half a parsnip a tin of pineapple chunks and a packet of cornflakes ( it's like ready steady cook every tea time when I'm working!)
It's just so refreshing!

Sky busy sewing...

Lil's french monkey!!! I said, "ooo you should put a croissant or baguette in his hand!"... she looked at me as if I were mad, " He's an artist and he's going to carry a brush and a canvas, then I'm going to sew one of those twirly mustaches!!"

Sky's felt monkey! V proud!

...and this is mine I finished with them....she loves bananas..... as you can see my imagination is full of parsnips etc!...

Raiding the trick or treat box when the kids are at school....for creative energy of course

Watching the full first series of Early Doors by the genius Craig Cash, I still belly laugh, fab!

Starting to think about Christmas... I love it!! I'm a Christmas nut...and proud of it......so I sneakily played the Pogues Fairytale of New York...magic!


DIY.....I'll say no more!

Eating a whole pot of Salsa and a family bag of Dorito's before bedtime and waking up with your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth like a giant garlic infused flip flop....not hot...so I'm told I wouldn't know...

The down pours of rain!! just at school pick up time....
Trying to google recipe's with half a parsnip, a can of pineapple chunks and a packet of cornflakes....the options 'arn't good!


  1. Your food dilemma made me smile and reminds me of the standard conversation on the way home from school...
    Child - I'm hungry mummy, what's for tea...
    Me - uh... food?
    Child - Mum! Can we have tuna pasta peso peas?
    Me - what again?
    Child - But I like tuna pasta pesto peas!
    Me - but we haven't any tuna, or pesto, or peas.
    Child - pasta then?

    Wishing you teatime success!

  2. Those funny rain clouds hear the school bell don't they!!! Chele

  3. Hee hee hee, a garlic infused flip flop, I love it. Not to mention that tricky meal dilhemma, mmm, parsnip, pineapple and corn flakes, very challenging. All of the sewing is gorgeous, what a talented family you are.

  4. Ooh the sewing is gorgeous! Soo good - so hot! xx


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