And the winners are.....

Drum roll please.......

The first one out of the Santa hat pulled out by Lil was.....

who said....Hi Lisa,
For me the first best thing about Christmas is always (since I seem to be the first awake...a long time traight of mine...ask my mum) the first sounds of my kids waking and finding that Santa has been. Chele x

The second one out of the hat, pulled by Sonny was...

who said....Homemade custard for the pudding and being able to have champagne early in the morning!!

The third and final name pulled out of our Santa hat by Skyla was...

who said...I just love the look on the kids faces when they see the tree first thing in the morning - it is priceless.


And BIG BIG thanx to everyone who left a comment I loved reading all the best bits about Christmas sooo lovely!
And I've enjoyed doing a giveaway! fab!

I plan to do another in the new year to perk up any January blues!!

Big Thanx again xxx


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Ooo! I am pretty excited to be a lucky winner of your lovely Christmas give away!! Your work is so cute, I particulary love the wolf's fish tie, nice touch!
    Ummm, I cant seem to find your email address so, to send you my details, please could you contact me at and I will email back.
    Chele xxxxx

  2. Yay for me! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  3. congrats to the winners. loving your space and having a look around. xo m.

  4. Gosh, I missed so much :( Been really busy picking our olives (21 trees!!!) + trying to get my shop together. Looks like a missed a good giveaway.

  5. Well Done to the three winners and the rest of you for giving it your all in trying to be in the lucky three!


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