Snow, belly laughs and Chimney sweeps...

After a night of trying to salsa dance ( no maracas this time!!) we woke up to our first little flurry of snow!!

Then a wonderful day Christmas shopping in York with these fab friends ( I'm sooo lucky to know them, they make me laugh so much and are the best pick me up ever! love 'em)

Ana, Amanda, (Fellow borrower) Lind, Steph, Chrissy & Jo
Thanks xxxx

And my busy weekend was finished with a fab dance show from Sky the chimney sweep
and Lil the Cha Cha expert! This will be there last dance show, Lil wants to concentrate on her Triathlon & swimming and Sky wants to do street dancing!! I don't know where they get it from!!!, oooo but as proud as a the proudest mum in proudsville!x
( ooo there's a whole lorra love this weekend!!)

So you'd think I'd be all creatively fueled and raring to get to work tomorrow!!.....but I'm just cream crackered!!
Off to watch the last episode of Early doors, Where's that Haribo?


  1. Snow, yorkshire moors, york, drama and haribos! sounds great!

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