'Lil Sonny Sky book of the week...

Well, it's getting nearer and nearer to that time that I have to sit down with Lil for the chat about life.

I really can't believe that it has, my little 'bubs' is now all grown up and needs to be equipped with a few details ( a lot of which she's already got in the play ground with friends who have older sisters.... girls seem to grow up sooo much faster)

I know I have to do it soon just so she can make sense of tit bits of juicy information she gets from her mates, and when she says things like, " I've decided I'm not going to start my periods till after I have left High school 'cos Sarah says its horrible and messy"

Yip the time has come ( all too quickly...very not fair! ) And this is the book I'll be using to brake the ice , Mummy Laid an Egg! by Babette Cole. It's fantastic!

Basically mum and dad try to explain the birds and the bees, but make up loads of silly stories, So the kids decide to tell mum and dad how it's really done!!...

Click on the images for a better look!

This is my absolute fave, ways mummies and Daddies fit together!....ooooo if I could only find that space hopper in the side shed....

Babette Cole is a genius with her fab funny illustrations, if you haven't seen it already it's well worth a look!

And if anyone has any tips for me, or other books to help I'd be most grateful!!


  1. So that's how it all works??......!
    What a fab book but I feel slightly inadequate looking at the balloon and space hopper styles....Hmmm....
    Anyhoo, all I remember from my youth apart from the dodgy biology classes was Judy Blume! Especially 'Are you there God, it's me Margaret'
    maybe slightly too old for your little girl and possibly a little dated but I remember the buzz that book created at my school and how every girl was desperate to read it....He.. he... memories......

  2. What a great book,I haven't seen that one before. We picked up 'Where Did I come From' for Le Artiste, not quite as amusing but it was the right level for him to grasp the concept (after much giggling). Good luck.

  3. I know what its like broaching the subject have been through it with my daughter last year she is eleven now. The funny thing was she was all matter of fact and 'oh yeah, sure, got it, now what are we having for tea?'I would have been mortified at her age, but no she took it in her stride. I used the book for my son years ago (he is now 17) he appears unharmed by the process!


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