Rob Ryan

I'm a massive fan of Rob Ryans work. I love the sentiment, the silhouette imagery, the delicateness of the paper cutting and the amazing skill and talent he has of moving you through the narrative in his imagery, like a little black and white film, oooo love it! ( can you tell I'm a BIG fan?!)

I've just treated my self to this tile from Rob Ryan's Etsy shop, ( I can really relate to the sentiment!) He also has a shop in London, Ryan Town open on weekends. His Exhibition at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park opens this week ( 13th Nov) and I'm so excited to see it will report back after my visit!


  1. I love his work too, and I really like the tile you chose. Looking forward to the report! xo

  2. I'm not aware of this guy but thinking I may become a fan as love this tile, am going to check out some more...
    I'll be interested to read a post about YSP as I studied at Bretton Hall, a wee while ago now but fond memories...Sigh....
    Thanks for reminding me about this fantastic place, I've been a southerner too long...!!

  3. I'll be fascinated to study a publish about YSP as I analyzed at Bretton Area, a wee while ago now but attached to remembrances...Sigh....
    Thanks for telling me about this amazing position, I've been a southerner too long

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