My Creative space...

My creative space is filled with lovely books as I still go on my mission of tidiness and Organisation!

The only trouble is I stop tidying and sit down and start looking at all the pictures then oooo 2 hours later and I'm still sat there surrounded by lovely books!! So slowly tidying...but happy and inspired as I do it!!

The books in the photo are (Clockwise)
This is Paris, M Sasek
This is Rome, M Sasek
This is NewYork, M Sasek
Crea tu Circo, Isidro Ferrer (From Imaginarium, Palma)
Cosas de brujas, Mariela Marabi & Gustavo Roldan ( From Imaginarium, Porta Banus)
Une grenouille rouge et un famant vert?, Svjetlan Junakovic ( bought in Lyon, France)

I have a few Chrissy pressies hanging around my studio too, ready for wrapping, I bought this for the beautiful illustration on the lid! I love the sun in the Sky. ( Bought from M&S )

See More lovely creative spaces at KOOTOYOO.

AND I've sorted my other 2 give-aways out and decided to to draw 3 names out of the Santa Hat this Friday,
so Lil will do one, then Sonny, then Sky.
This is because quite a few comments are from Australia and I was pestered that if I carried on doing the give aways up to Christmas, lovely folks in Australia wouldn't get them in time, So,
leave a comment Here now for a Christmas Giveaway as a thank you, for reading & commenting xxx


  1. ooh! that is just exactly the same problem I have with tidying with books - i just can't put them down!
    Yours look gorgeous! =)

  2. I specifically went to the op shop to collect old childrens books to cut up for christmas's not going to happen I just cant do it, I love kids books. I'm just going to scan them instead! Fav is Diary of a Wombat beautiful illustrations and sooo funny.

  3. I love all the cute designs they have on the tins for christmas. I hate the biscuits though but I guess thats how they sell them..Yours is adorable

  4. I love that biscuit tin design! And ARE there any left inside? shall I put the kettle on? x

  5. Ha ha, that is the story of my life. I even get so caught up cleaning the kids rooms that I find myself playing games with them instead of tidying. Oops.


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