My creative space

This is the view from my creative space today,

I'm working on the kitchen table, for more light from the big windows which also act as a great light box for tracing images onto fabric and paper.

There are some colour separations for a couple of screen prints I plan to do next week. One is an owl based on this commission I did. An old Christmas craft book given to me by my lovely friend Tanya ( which I'll show in more detail on the run up to Christmas) A cup of fennel tea ( I love aniseed and Liquorish!)

Copyright free back grounds book from Dover Books in London ( They have a massive selection of resource books for designers and crafter's well worth a look) And a Christmas screen print colour separations for next week...let it snow!

A wallpaper sample I picked up from B&Q, I loved the colours and want to use as a guide for a screen print.

Another Christmas screen print idea, and 1000 Greetings published by Rockport, another fab publishers for inspirational design and art books.

Japanese felt book I bought from here or here! ...a long time ago!, it's beautiful!
A fabric art sketch, inspired by Sonny singing "flooooat...fluuuuuter Flyyyyyyy" (in the broadest Yorkshire accent! ) around the house after watching Back Yardigans.
And a wonderful little book by Tim Biskup called The Jackson 500 Volume One which has gorgeous art works in.
And finally...oooo it's a long creative space today! a lot to get off my's therapy!

These are sketches following a conversation with Skyla about the seasons and if they were people what would they look like? Sky did some ace pics, I'll have to show you ( but this post is long life story!!)
So I started with Summer above?...
Spring...sporty in tracky and trainers with a daffy head!...
Summer again ...( really not sure about Summer...needs more work)

and finally winter.

I think I'm going to make these to fabric artworks, and start with Autumn, what do you think?

How would you do Summer? It's my favourite season yet I'm finding it hard to do, I want to put my fave flower in a sun flower, we'll see's all a working progress.

And if anyone is still awake at this point!...I'm wanting to do a Christmas give away over the next couple of weeks - just because I love Christmas so much and want to celebrate in bloggy way too!
More creative spaces can be found at Kootoyoo.... join in!


  1. If I had your view, I wouldn't be creative at all - I would just sit staring our the window ALL the time!!! Love it!!!!
    Your season sketches are lovely - my fav is the winter with that cute outfit!
    For me, summer is all about long green grass, daisies and buttercups - but that's not much help is it?!

  2. I love your space - that view is glorious and must be so inspirational. Lucky duck! Summer is a tricky one - more about beaches, sun, icecreams, and long days down here. Sunflowers is a good idea too.

  3. They're all gorgeous sketches but I especially like winter. Your creative space view is breathtaking.

  4. Oh my the view is AMAZING. Love your seasonal girls too.

  5. Such a good view. The sketches are wonderful.. and am now scurrying off to order the backgrounds book... thanks! xx


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