'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

When my Grandma passed away a couple of years ago I had to explain to Lil & Sky how and why... how do you do that? I don't understand it my self!

I remember telling them, "but why mummy??" Sky asked,
"Well she was a very old lady darling and her body was tired and sleepy, it was just old age love"...
Sky - " You can't die of tired and old age mummy..... you've got to die with a bang!"

My Gran would have really laughed at that, and Sky really reminds me of her, so much, which I tell Sky often. She has the same cheeky twinkle in her blue eyes, they fair spark.

I bought Sky this book, Come Back, Grandma, by Sue Limb, illustrated by Claudio Munoz, it feels so close to the truth, especially the illustrations

It's a wonderfully simple story, it has no answers but a lovely comforting conclusion that leaves you positive.
The illustrations are gorgeous, full of emotion and movement, almost like stills from a fantastic animation.

I love this illustration where Bessie see's Grandma' face in the tree.

We have quite a few books tackling this sensitive subject, but this is the best.
We have 3 more books illustrated by Claudio Munoz, Little Captain, Nobody Likes me and Shadow, which are all beautiful books. I really admire Munoz's style and reminds me a little bit of the fabulous Shirley Hughes and the fab Alfie books.
Well worth adding to your book collection!


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