Every Mum knows that surviving each day with children, work, domestic bliss, jobs you have to do, jobs you need to do never mind the jobs you'd like to do is a a big balancing act... one I'm rubbish at!, and I've dropped a few bean bags! ... but I think I'm back on track!! ( well as much as I can be!!)

This week I'm finishing off lots of little jobs I've started and ... ooo not finished and also wanting to start researching and planning a couple I've had in my head for a while!! ( ok so another balancing week!!)
I'm wanting to research mermaids, as I'm planning on doing a re-print with a change of colours and size on my mermaids print, and also start a new one!
Here's my research so far...

If you have any links or images of mermaids then leave me a comment I'd love to see them!


  1. I love mermaids! I drew one myself!


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