'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

Chris bought me this book 'For just ONE DAY'  by Laura Leuck, illustrated by Marc Boutavant ( who's been a book of the week before with the fantastic 'Mouk') for my birthday. 

I've read this book to Sonny every night for a week now! Son loves the Rhyming text which has you guessing what animal the child would like to be for a day, and the illustrations are gorgeous...

These are my 2 favourite  illustrations in the book, I love the colours and textures especially the one above of the children in art class, the simplicity and effectiveness of the whole image is perfect.

The end of the book reads 'The other days I'd want to be that special someone that is ...."

A cute little mirror in the center ... with Sonny! 
 ( it's a bendy mirror, I don't really have a son who looks like a weeble-wobble!)

Sonny loves the inside cover illustration best! naming all the animals and picking which one he would like to be for a day! It's a beautiful book, and we love Marc Boutavants characters, lovely!

And,  I forgot to add yesterday with all the excitement that I've listed Cowboy Cat and,

Little red ( a spin off from the fab Quilt project) screen prints in my Etsy shop.

...not me! he looks a bit of a wimpy wolf with his kipper tie, a push over for the Savvy Red!


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