Trip out... Manchester City art gallery to see the exhibition What are you like? It was a collection of work by famous children's book illustrators, designers and photographers illustrating their favourite things.

 They were given a list of questions like  'What's your favourite food? animal? comfort? shoes? ' etc and they had to illustrate their answers to give a picture of what they are like. 
There was some fantastic work. I bought these two postcards. 
Above  the brilliant Posy Simmonds, and

 the fantastic Quentin Blake. The kids could illustrate their favourite things too in the middle of the exhibition! mmmm... what would be your favourite things??

The photo's are not too good as I forgot my camera so bought a disposable one... not good! 
But what was good was the gallery was sooo child friendly. 
Sonny got issued with a hard hat and tool belt! filled with binoculars, magnifying glass, listening cone, tape measure...which he used to measure the artworks, the benches, the skirting board ... and me! 
 There were also picture clues to find different works of art. 

The girls could pick activity  bags filled with comfy blankets to sit on, pencils, paper and other activities dependant on the bags they had chosen, colour, shapes etc, it was so lovely to watch then explore.

And as we were in Manchester it would be rude not to drag my family to the massive Paperchase store there and spend a bit of money...

Mr Benn card by David Mckee, a Hype card

The Noisy Bird Wood Cut by Anita Klein 

Paperchase photo album

 Milk collection card by Getty images
(I just love this card!!)


  1. Hi Lisa... I dropped in just by chance this morning, and browsed a bit through your blog. I love the art works you show and talk about, and hearing about your children starting school. I am an art teacher, and started school just three weeks ago. I will add you to my list of blogs to visit. Come by and visit me anytime, although I don't post daily, or even weekly. There was a time when I did, but now that school is in full swing, it seems impossible to keep up with the blogging. I do my best, though. Have a wonderful week. I enjoyed reading your blog. bea

  2. oh lisa it was really nice to see the picture of puss in boots my favorite book from being little (think it was my only book actually!).


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