Lovely surprise!

I had a wonderful day at Salts Mill, Saltaire Bradford on my date! ( David Hockney's painting of Salts Mill)

Lil helped me choose something to wear, and while she helped said 
" 'aren't you too old to be going out on a date?!... only teenagers go out on dates, you and dad are too old now and don't need to do that" ....... That's when I realised in Lil's eye's I am an OLD person! and no amount of Olay is going to change that!...
" You're never ever too old Lil!!,  you just practice when you're a teenager, now I'm a professional and this is the real thing!!"... giggles, groans and crazy combinations of bumper boots, summer dress' and tights were offered to me as we looked out at horizontal rain, sunshine and rainbow!

So yeah, after dropping the kid's off  we had a lovely day, admiring David Hockney's work and looking at gorgeous books and then a bite to eat , chatting and laughing about the kids ...(what on earth did we talk about before they came along?!) and enjoying our child free freedom....didn't have to take anyone to the toilet 4 times ( Chris is fully toilet trained now) wet wipes and emergency chuppa-chup in my bag.... and being able to complete sentences and even conversations, the novelty was great!

and as if the day couldn't get better....

I come home to the news I've won the Umbrella Prints Challenge!! Wow! I'm really pleased, I loved working on the ideas inspired by the beautiful fabric designs, it was a pleasure and it inspired some screen prints too! Ooooo nip me please! Happy Days!

My trimmings arrive...

Sketching ideas...
Love Song

Make believe

Right as rain

Love bird

Lovely thoughts


I heart sewing!

I'm going to list some of the pieces in my Etsy shop as soon as sort them all out, what a fab day!


  1. Congratulations!!! You really deserve it - your pieces are beautiful!!!! Well done! xx

  2. Sounds fab. It's so strange because we were back in Ilkley this summer after a long long time and I met a school friend I hadn't seen for 23 years. She told me about Salts Mills and said I'd love it (she mentioned the nice books and restaurants). We'll have to try and go next time.
    Nice post - yes, what did we do with ourselves before we had kids?? Lovely artwork.

  3. Oh My goodness, your gorgeous work puts my entries to shame, what wonderful pieces you created! I'm am off to peruse you blog further, totally inspired by the amazing creative pieces in this post!

  4. Of course, this comes as no surprise to me. Your work is wonderful Lisa!

  5. Congratulations Lisa! a well deserved win, I love each piece that you created. Well done.

  6. Thank you for your kind words:)x

  7. It comes as no suprise to me, as all your works are an inspiration to everyone. xx

  8. Gorgeous pieces! If it wasn't for Umbrella Prints I may never have happened across your work! Did you end up selling them on etsy?


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