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On my desk today ( I sound like a cheesy game show host, just imagine some Sale of the century music behind me!!) Anyways, there's a little piece of fabric art I'm starting, Mr and Mrs Rabbit with the words 'Some bunny loves you' ... too corny do we think? I must be in a cheesy-corny mood today!
Whilst sewing the pieces together I'm watching the beautiful Salma Hayek in the fantastic film Frida,  about the life and work of the wonderful Frida Kahlo... (still) a very messy creative space, I'm working on it, I'm working on it!!

The postman's just delivered my e-bay purchase of a job lot of old and new Zips for the bargain price of £3! for future fabric arts, and this is where I'm up with the bunny's now the films finished. 

I have to put the bunny's down now and do some other work, but now I've seen Frida, I'm desperate to paint! ...I can hear them paint brushes calling to me.... "Lisa grab us and your acrylics and set too creating a masterpiece"... can you hear them?
 Oooo maybe it's time for a brake, I'll put the kettle on.

and remember    Some bunny loves you...


  1. Anything bunnies and dogs im a normal kind of way of course. I love your design for the rabbits id love to make a big homemade blanket for oscar you have give me inspiration. Trouble is it would need to smell for oscar to like it.

  2. Great space! Cute bunnies and peeking at your illustrations - they are wonderful!

  3. Ooooh I love your craft/drafting table - it's just the kind of table I've been looking for, for my sewing room ...

  4. A break or a brake? Do I spot a Freudian slip?

    Loving your creative space (and your choice of movie and your choice of IKEA furniture. Not to mention the Mac...)


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