'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week

I've blogged about this book before ( you do tend to repeat yourself as you get older!) But Helen Dardik's book Embroidery for little Miss Crafty has been Skyla's fave book these past few weeks. She was inspired to do this from it and then wanted to do this...
embellish her jeans! The illustrations are very user friendly, interesting, colourful and inspiring.
Sky drew her design on her jeans inspired by one of Helen's,
...and then Mum helped sew.
Lovely! give us a twirl! 
And this is Sky's next project!!
Not to be outdone, Lil designed this T-shirt, cut all the pieces out and enrolled the help of Grandma to sew into place...
V proud!
Even Sonny's been busy being creative, making Hama bead flowers! ( He's very in touch with his feminine side, besides they don't do  Ben 10 Hama designs!)
Also I've listed my screen prints in my shop today! 
Happy Days!


  1. What a creative family you are!! Love the jeans and t-shirt girls!! xx

  2. How did I not know about this book? It looks wonderful.

  3. Thanks for letting me take a pic into what your daughter embroidered:)
    So cute:)
    Love crafty kids!


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