pleased as punch...

As a surprise for Lil, Chris got her winning medal engraved. 
He down loaded the theme to Rocky and then started playing it loud as Lil stood bewildered on a chair saying "Ok, they've finally gone crazy..."  but when she saw her engraved medal she was pleased as punch, although the Rocky reference was totally lost on her ( at 9!) and very self indulgent on Chris's part but it set the atmosphere perfectly and we all had a laugh!

I'm also pleased as punch at finding out that Rob Ryan ( I love love love his did I mension I love it?), Well, he's only doing an exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park ( One of my fave places in the world and only a stones throw away!) I can't wait, it's great that he's showing his work 'up north!' as I can't get to his shop Ryantown in London, although I've shopped at his Etsy shop ...

I bought this for Skyla, because it's, well, very Skyla!! ( The little bird is saying "why are you so naughty?" -  Because I'm so happy!)

And I bought this for Chris for Christmas,....and we're going to do all it day, (Click on the image and read the words they're very sweet)   Chris is far too conscientious to ring in sick...but I'm working on it

So v excited for that!
And finally I've listed two fabric artworks in my Etsy shop ( They're 2 from the Umbrella Prints challenge)
I've got to go pack now I'm going to a health spar tomorrow for my friends 40th birthday ( Happy birthday Selena!) for a day and night of relaxation!! have a great weekend!  :)


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