My creative space...

I've often looked at the creative spaces at Kootoyoo and thought there's no way I can show mine! it's just organised chaos...constantly! especially when I let the kids be creative in there too! but I've plucked up  the courage had a wee tidy...(no way?) WAY! and here's my creative chaos...usually an array of notes, lists, pictures and sketches for my next projects!!
( Jaffa cakes are essential for creative energy and inspiration)

a bit more organised piles of sketches...

But the best creative space for me was this one posted by Dill Pickle Unfinished ...oooo if only! I can dream!
 Yesterday I popped down to Whinnies, a little gallery that is selling some of my work. It's an Alladins cave of wonderful hand crafted jewelry, ceramics, artworks and textiles by local artists owned by Deb Price a textile and jewelry designer. It's such a wonderful place,
I always end up spending hundreds of pounds in my head. Here are a few fabric art works I've done amongst some gorgeous birds and broaches .
If you're ever in Holmfirth you must pop in and say Hello!


  1. Hello! Wow - your space is lovely - nothing to worry about there! That shop front is really pretty too.

  2. Your space looks beautiful (& very organised). Don't your artworks look wonderful too.

  3. Your space is very neat and tidy. You must take after your mother.

  4. Love your space, lots of ideas going on!!

  5. It's a great space! I don't know if anyone can really have a neat and tidy space. From what I've observed people need little bits and pieces every where to draw on for inspiration. I love your space.


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