meeee-yow! Get off your horse and drink your milk!

What do you think? 
my first 5 colour screen print?! 
I purposely off registered certain colours to give that rustic hand done look to add to the real life...not kidding! and I'll add this print to my Etsy shop once I've sorted them out!

I'm quite pleased with it! It's a character I've been working on for quite a while. My BIG PLAN is to create another children's picture book, and me and my lovely friend Tanya have been working on this BIG PLAN for a while but as yet to no avail. But not to be disheartened by the impossibility of getting our size 5's in the Children's picture book publishers door -  we're going to keep going, and have plenty of  ideas to pester them with and Cowboy Cat is one of them!

So yeah,  changing the subject totally, I wanted to share this fab necklace my lovely friend Aly bought for me for my birthday.
I wore it today, see... ok ok I know what your thinking, " Blummin 'eck doesn't she possess a duster?, you can write your name in the dust on that mirror!"..... and the answer is no I don't...all 2 dusters are in the wash because I'm that much of a domestic goddess... Honest! ... besides which the dust hides and softens a multitude of sins...all the top mod-dells use the dust effect!... and the elephant agrees!
Anyways , the necklace is from Swedish design team Bengt & Lotta, who make the most gorgeous iron work candle holders too, number 67 on my wish list!


  1. Ilove your little pussy cat cowboy! Hope you had a great Birthday x

  2. Love, love, love that old Cowboy Cat!!! Looks like its time for another biscuits and tea-time!!!! xx


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