sad September morning...

Today was a bit quiet, 'Lil Sonny Sky were back at school, Autumn's officially arrived with howling winds and rain (although not official enough to put the heating on apparently... just cold enough to add another layer!!) 

So yeah,  there was a melancholy air. There were tears last night from Lil, she said she's had such a good holiday and loved us all being together and loves us all so much she didn't want it to end! I filled up then! (hormones) and told her that it's exciting, new beginnings, new teacher, year 5 , birthdays and also only 6 weeks before next holiday!! We really have had a good summer holiday.

I finished the last piece for the Umbrella Prints challenge, and I think I'll list some in my Etsy shop next week.

To cheer everyone up, I made chocolate and strawberry Knickerbocker Glory's for pudding and then we put jarmers on and all watched Wallace and Gromit's  Matter of Loaf and Death. Nick Park can do no wrong in my eyes, comic genius. Here's a snippet...


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