still sorting...

It's very nostalgic having a clear out! 
I found the first fabric art I did last year, I was looking for a change from painting and became interested in screen printing, collage and embroidery. I was  inspired by a nursery rhyme book I was reading to Sonny, Mother Goose Remembers illustrated by Clare Beaton for Barefoot Books.

Now we have quite a few of Clare Beatons books and I still admire her work and turn to it for inspiration, it took me on another creative path!  


  1. It's a lovely find! Love the books too! What a great way to illustrate.

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for the links!

  3. Where did you get mary mary from, that reminds me of charlotte when she was two thats all she used to sing. I would like to get it for old times sake.

    Love your book of the week!


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