September sunshine...

We had the most amazing sunset in-front of the house on Friday night, it didn't look real, we all stood outside in amazement at how hot pink and purple it was, and you know what they say, red sky at night shepherds delight....eee and the shepherds around here were sooo delighted as it was...
...a scorcher on Saturday! We drove to Marsden and had a walk and a lovely pic-nick by the river, magic.

Today's going to be spent creating, playing, partying, reading and tidying! and also finishing making a Cinderella dress. Sky had volunteered to be Cinderella in a class production, but she's the Cinderella before going to the ball, her friend Anna is the Cinderella that goes to the ball! I asked why she didn't want to be the Cinder's that went to the ball ...."I dont want to Dance with Prince charming!!" fair enough!


  1. Cinders dress is fab,but i dont think id want to dance with prince charming either Skyla, eeeh,he might have two left feet. luv g didi.


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