getting organized...

In between jobs I'm trying to tidy and organize my studio... not an easy task!

I came across some old portraits I did of Lil and Sky. I have always loved drawing faces and figures and when I was at college I used to draw portraits from photographs for monies to supplement my grant. 
When I went back to University when Lil was one to do a degree, I did a project on portraiture and Lil and here is some of the work... 

This seems so old now, isn't it funny how you change and evolve as a creative person!

Sky asleep in our bed,

Lil in her fave hat!

Sky's shoes on the first day of school...

...and my red dancing shoes... they don't see much action these days!

I remember promising myself that I would paint a portrait of the kids every year as they grew up, but time hasn't allowed  and I've never done a portrait of Sonny. I found a little sketch and ideas book with Portraits written on the front and a half started drawing of Skyla. I think I'm going to make that project 57 & 58, to finish Sky's portrait and to start one of Sonny...wish me luck!


  1. All these pictures are lovely, youve caught Lils and Skylas features spot on.You are an excellant portrait artist Lisa. luv gdidi

  2. Ahhh thanx Mum...youre my no 1 fan!! xx

  3. What a talented artist you are Lisa. These portraits are excellent - I love the shoes (both pics). You should be selling portraits too.
    Oh and by the way, well done for going to Uni with a child, no easy task I should imagine. It has certainly paid off.

  4. ah Thank you, I'm loving your blog, I find all the work you find very inspirational, :)

  5. These are just lovely - you have a real gift. What a great keepsake for your kids.

  6. Fabulous portraits Lisa. I keep checking in on you.

    Kram Jane

  7. I remember these pictures i still have mine you did for me before Mia came along and before my divorce!


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