What's Hot + What's not this week...

I'm joining in Clare at Loobylu with What's Hot and What's not this week as I've enjoyed reading Clare's and it's a bit of fun , so this is a little snap shot of what's hot and not in my life this week...


Seeing Skyla in her performance of Cinderella at school, sweeping away with Chris's home made broom of fur tree branches and insulation tape... magic, V. proud ... ( of Skyla...not Chris's broom!)
Being asked to do an interview for Printsy blog on Etsy and being featured in this treasury, lovely.
Eating peanut butter in celery, the watery-ness of the celery makes the peanut butter slide down better, therefore making it possible to eat more peanut butter ( as it gets a bit claggy spooned straight from the jar and sticks to the roof of your mouth) Also it's actually healthy to do this as it is celery... so you burn more calories actually eating it than is in it. ( Well that's what I'm telling myself and I'm sticking to it!)

Getting hold of Eddie Izzard tickets for Manchester in November, can't wait!

Whats not...

Jumping on the trampoline with Sonny laughing then weeing a little bit and realising that I really should have done more pelvic floor exercises after child number 3.

Self serve cash till with 3 children, is definitely a no do situation, especially after school when hunger and tiredness is involved.
Lil loves scanning everything through (playing shops really), but when Sonny's screaming he wants to do it, and Sky's shouting
"it's not fare Lily's done 3 items and I've only done 1"
then Sonny starts screaming
"I'm doing this one"
and as I turn around to sort it all out I realise Lil and Sonny are fighting over a box of Tapax to scan! ( much to the amusement of the crowd thats forming),
then the flashing light goes off on our till for the assistant to come over because the bag weight doesn't tally with the goods scanned and that's because Sky's decided to skip the scan bit and put them straight in the bag....
Oh I wanted the ground to swallow me up, especially when I looked around and we had an audience of shoppers que-ing (sensibly) for the cash till with an assistant on!
never again!

Running out of celery and getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth!


  1. What a great post - the pelvic floor bit made me laugh out loud - I can relate!!


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