Best place on Earth...

A bit back I told you about how my dream is to illustrate a children's book and how in my (little !) spare time I try to illustrate stories my fab friend Tanya writes and then we cross our fingers and wait tight! We've been sooooo close on numerous occasions but never quite made close yet sooo far!!

But we're not giving up!! We're going to get another one in the pipe line, and I'm a great believer in positive thinking and Persy-verance... you that Percy fella!!

Here are some illustrations I did for one of the stories, 'Best Place On Earth', about a little boy who wants to sleep anywhere but in his own bed...

upside down like a bat...

underground like a rabbit...

Curled up on a branch with a tiger...

But mummy tells him his bed is the best place on Earth!
And this little boy was my inspiration for the illustrations!!

Have a great weekend x


  1. I cannot believe that this was turned down - try loads more publishers!

  2. that tiger one is too cute! keep trying, there must be a publisher somewhere that would publish it, they look great.

  3. You certainly must persevere, they are wonderful illustrations, I especially like upside down like a bat.

  4. Just a thought - have you tried Barefoot Books? This might be right up their street. Have you tried to put it through an agent?

  5. your illustrations for this book are fantastic. Where can i buy it? g.didi


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