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Sky loves to sew, and makes little pictures of her own ( I've posted a few here & there)
She's requested a sewing box of her own for her birthday, so I've bought a beautiful floral tin little suitcase and I'm going to start filling it with lovely things for her to get all creative with.
I found this on Etsy at the - The Small Object.
It's so perfect, and what was lovely , it was so beautifully packaged when it arrived.
It also had a wee laminated calender and a wee photograph,

Aw that's so sweet, I'm going to keep it all in the packaging because it's so lovely!

If anyone has any other ideas or links of things I could put in Sky's sewing box, I'd love to hear them!


  1. that is so cute! im sure it will be a treasured bday present.

  2. I know! A pair of those little sewing scissors with the decorative handles that look like birds. Like these:[]=tags&includes[]=title
    Love the needle holder :-)

  3. How gorgeous! I think I might have to go and check this site out. I would love one of those needle holders myself! Thanks xo


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