My place and yours...Blog HQ

It's a great theme for my place and yours at Meet me at Mikes this week from the theme queen Ninon... blog HQ!

This is mine, surrounded with note's, photo's and half finished projects.

(ooo what did I do before Ikea came to town!! not v trendy and cool - but practical all the same!)
See more HQ's at Meet me at Mikes, it's great to see where some of my favourite blogs are created!


  1. i love your sweet little inspiring blog HQ

  2. As you know I am a BIG fan of your HQ! You can tell lots of great things happen there!!

  3. Looks like there is lots going on there. I went to a show a few years back where the woman on stage asked the couple of hundred audience members if there was anyone who had never assembled something from Ikea. There were about 2!!

  4. Golly. It's so good in your HQ. I mean it. You have a really awesome place to blog and create from! So many things I would like to have a bit more of a peek at in there! I wonder what all those books are.... And I wonder what's in all those drawers.... ! Ace.

  5. Oooo all the shelves, all the drawers, I love it!


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