We have embarked on a DIY project....we had to!... as the walls were suffering from bad condensation and had to be treated.

We're not very good at juggling DIY projects with family life and full time jobs etc and they tend to drag out rather a long time.... still I'm being positive and Chris reassures me that this room will be done complete with Christmas tree, chestnuts on the log burner and Chris propped up against the mantle in a Val Doooonican stylie - snow flake jumper , holding a Sloe Gin.....for Christmas.....mmmmm.....I'm not holding my breath! (although I know they'll be Sloe Gin involved no matter what state the front room's in!!)
No, my positiveness lies in the realistic zone of no expectations then I wont be disappointed!

So I've been looking at housey bits when I get a mo, and I've been looking at soft furnishings, here are my fave cushions...

Sanderson Dandelion Clock Cushion, Aqua from John Lewis

Donna Wilson Owl Cushion, Green from John Lewis

Becky Bird Cushion, Yellow from John Lewis

POM POM Cushion - peony green from V for Violet

(My talented friend Tanya from V for Violet is making me a few cushions from some fabric I bought from Oxfam, I'll show you when I get them!)

Patterned Bird from Sukie


Oh this little chap is my fave, and I've been trying to get hold of him here in the UK but haven't found him yet, the shipping from America seems too steep so my search continues! I love Thomas Paul cushions ( and plates!) and this one is gorgeous!


  1. Yes, well, a long time since I'd heard about Val and his sweaters, you'll have to invite Petula Clark on a husky-drawn sleigh for a Christmas sing-a-long!
    Love some of those cushions. The bottom one's my favourite. Great link thanks!

  2. Sloe Gin is marinating nicely and all DIY, flooring, decor and new TV WILL be in place for live X factor finale & well before Santa & Rudolf get a look in. Luv you xxx


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