The Quilt project...

The Quilt project, which I am proud to be a little part of, initiated and organized by Kirsty at Kootoyoo, was shown in Melbourne Australia on Friday night.
This photo is taken from the site that has been created to explain the story behind it, the people involved and the process of creating this wonderful quilt. Wish I could have been there to see it in person, but the beautiful photo's on the Quilt project site are the next best thing!

Fantastic! the power of the Internet bringing all these creative people together, never ever ceases to amaze me!!
And Kirsty's creativity and Passion for the project is wonderfully infectious!
Very proud to have been involved.

p.s... When you go on the 'Digital' quilt part of the site, you can click on the panels and information of the creator will come up..... at the beginning of mine see if you can spot the spelling mistake! Chris peed himself laughing, saying it could be a Freudian slip!!! NOT AT ALL, ... I didn't get my nick-name dyslexic Lise at college for nothing!! My spelling is horrendous to say the you have probably discovered reading this blog....with spell checker!! and my mum is always ringing up to inform me of spelling mistakes like an online teacher!!

I wil trie and improve my speling ... Onest!


  1. I can fix it up if you like? But I kinda like the fiend...

    Thanks for being part of it & for submitting such an ace square.

  2. i will have to go and search for the spelling error. but can i say that i was lucky enough to see the quilt at the public viewing on friday night and your square was soooo fabulous. I had seen it on flickr but it is truly lovely up close and personel. so, well done you


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