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Mermaid City in my creative space this week!

I'm re-working my original screen print to a new size, caption and colour-ways.
This new edition is going to be a 4 colour print so for me it will be interesting to see which looks the more effective 3 or 4?! Is less more so to speak!

(I'm trying to work on some small print ideas to get in my shop for Christmas and trying to think in just 2 colours....which my little brain finds quite difficult for some reason!! But I've come up with a little bee which I'll show you when that fills my creative space!!

For the meantime I'm swimming with mermaids much to Lil and Sky's delight!
The full colour painting above my black and white colour separation is an artwork I did for a mermaid story my friend Tanya wrote. I did several, then we posted them out to billions of publishers, it got to a final meeting with one publisher and we were on tender hooks, and then it was rejected, :( they felt they had enough 'girly' product but they loved it none the less and that's kept me positive to still aim for my goal to one day get a children's picture book published!! I'll show more in future posts if you'd be interested?!

My trusty brush pen for the turquoise separation,

Ochre screen in the screen printing studio,

On the drying rack,

Second colour, an autumn antiqued vintage orange! ( ooo hark me with my posh colour descriptions!)

The print so far, next week I will go into the studio to finish off the bluey watery turquoisey bit!!

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  1. Lovely prints - the detail is beautiful. Your studio looks amazing - my dream - one day!!

  2. Just stunning. I love watching the screen-printing process. I've only ever done similar with lino-cuts but it's so amazing watching the layers come together.
    PS I'm looking forward to seeing your Quilt Project piece in the flesh in a few weeks. Shame you can't pop on over for the display...

  3. antiqued vintage orange looks fabulous.

  4. Wow! They really look fabulous. Love screenprinting :) K


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