My creative space...

My creative space ( join in at Kootoyoo) is soooo creatively messy and chaotic that I'm tooo embarrassed to show you it properly, the bit where all the action is happening anyway! and is filled with commercial work anyways, (which I can't show you till 2011!!)

The pic above are sketches for me, that are waiting to come to life in either fabric or as a screen print and the sketches seem to be ever growing!

My other creative space today will be my kitchen, where I shall be having high powered meetings by the kettle making hot drinks for me and Lil, who after a mad birthday yesterday ending with school Halloween disco and opening pressie's with us till 10 last night, has woken up this morning coughing, sore throat and full of cold!....very convenient when you have a brand new Nintendo DS with new games ...mmmmmmm (they get very savvy when they turn 10!)

This little sketch is on my desk too, Lil did it for me and I think it's wonderful and plan to adapt it into a screen print and do a whole array of fruity people... Granny smith, Rosie apple, William pear..cherry twins! My kids are such a wonderful inspiration!...even when snotty!!


  1. I love that little sketch and I've really enjoyed having a look into your world. The sparkler photo is gorgeous, happy birthday to your smiley girl xo

  2. Great space and very cheery! 2011 - bummer!! Gotta watch those 10 year olds - it's the double digits that does it!!

  3. Love the fruity people idea - you're right children are so inspiring!

  4. what a b e a u tiful cake!

  5. So many fabulous little sketches, how wonderful, and Lil's sketch is terrific, I love the simplicity of kids art work.

  6. wonderful creativity at your place. my kids have had ds flu lately (minus the snot) i think they will need vaccination


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