What's hot + What's not this week... Halloween!

What's hot n what's not this Halloween week!
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The kids are on half term, and we have been busy planning a Halloween tea today for a few of their friends ( which was really hard for them to select because I'd said one friend each, so it ended up being drawn out of a witches hat!)

So the kids have loved planning fab spooky food... with a mother with the culinary skills of ...well...erm.... can't think of anything with no culinary skills!....so with the Cooking skills of Mrs NO Cooking skills living in No cooking skills towns-ville on pants at cooking street, Number can't cook for toffee unless it's a chili or stir fry house,

SO here's my spider Pizza!! I added the spiders, V PROUD! ( and if you'd seen things I've created in the past, you'd be V proud too!)

.....but nobody ate it!! they only ate the extra plain pizza I did 'just incases'!! ...well bought at the shop!
I wish I'd taken a picture of the pizza when I turned all the spider's mouths upside down to make them sad and said to the kids " all the spiders are sad because you haven't eaten them" ....the kids just laughed and chorused " I don't like olives!!" ( ooooooo you do your foody creative best and it's just not appreciated, I bet Jamie O doesn't have this problem!)...but very funny!

Spending time with the kids trimming up and getting excited!
Playing party games,
making chocolate apples and generally being a kid again myself, lovely!

Crafting with the kids making spiders and bats, blowing up balloons and being silly ( and belly laughing, something I treasure more and more the older I get!!)

Monster Munch, pickled onion flavour, it's a taste sensation...it's the future!

looking for spooky music on i-tunes and finding The Specials, Ghost town, and getting taken back to my youth in a magical memory way ( how old am I...really!? I was 8 when this was in the "hit parade"!! time to slap on some more Ulay rejuvenate!)


creating pumpkins like these, when I'd actually set my goals higher to....
( apologies for rubbish photo...something to do with 6 kids running around playing ghost tig making me put the camera on the wrong setting..honest) ...

create pumpkins like these!!!...that talented Martha Stewart lass!!....

Oh now, come on...
have you ever tried to scrape the flesh out of a pumpkin with 6 kids high on Haribo jelly sweet and sour worms.... it's hard work let me tell you!

I'm now looking at Martha Stewart again to find out what to do with 3lb of raw pumpkin flesh, and the Thai pumpkin soup's looking hopefull, although after trying to toast the pumpkin seeds.....burning them ... which resulted in them tasting like bits of carbonized cardboard I might pass this one over to my better half who is good at cooking.....Thank goodness!!!


  1. I Love listening to The Specials!
    Martha is a show off, no disrespect meant.


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