What's Hot + What's not this week...

All work and no play makes Lise a dull girl, but it's all good, so I've broke off to do Loobylu's What's 'Hot n not' this week (join in!), so fuelled on full fat coke and fizzy fish here goes....


To keep me going this week I've been scoffing M&S fizzy fish - not just fizzy fish they're M&S fizzy fish! ( to be said in adverts sexy voice)
This is because Lil is having a fishing party for her birthday on Saturday and I bought the fish to go in the party bags...mmmm, now I've eaten most of them!!, need to get some more I think!

The arrival of lovlies from Umbrella prints

I designed and ordered a stamp, because I'm going to make some handmade cards and wanted a stamp for the back, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I bought it from The English stamp Company, and they were very helpful when I was being a computer numpty!

Waking up in the night because Sonny (who had come into bed with us) was laughing in his sleep, and it was so cute and lovely, and I don't mind being woken up by laughing (much better than vomiting, crying, bed wetting etc....)


Being too busy to go and finish my screen print,

Meeting work deadlines and balancing family life, bit wobbly this week

choosing hard flooring for our front room...... within budget! night mare! especially dragging 3 children around lots of DIY stores and trying to discuss the merits of vinyl flooring , laminate , wood veneered against real wood ( but budget says naaa) whilst all the kids race around the isles playing Tig screaming and shouting "YOU'RE IT" "NOOOOO YOU'RE IT!"... is not my idea of fun.

Not being able to open last bag of fizzy fish....well maybe


  1. Fizzy fish ? As in fizzy coca cola bottles ? I used to eat those coming home from brownies 35 years ago, with milk teeth and candy necklaces.

  2. Shopping with kids can be a real challenge...mine are constant chit chatters and I can not concentrate and take 10 times as long to shop.

  3. I love your very hot stamp -- totally awesome. Thanks for playing along last week and perhaps we'll see you again on Wednesday? xx claire

  4. Fizzzzzzy Fiiish!!! I'm in Australia, along way from home and this week really missing my beloved m&s, but for me it's percy pigs...every time!!!!


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