My creative space...

This was my creative space on Tuesday when I went screen printing for the day at WYPW with my friend Nicki. I planned to experiment with background textures and using a chinagraph pencil (grease pencil) and a brush pen.
Above are my colour sketches for my designs...

red screen ...

drying rack...
finished print, some bunny hearts you

The red registration sheet for the second print...

finished print, bird hair day

I love screen printing and I'm continuously experimenting and learning.
My next screen printing plans are to revisit the mermaid screen print and maybe do a series of mermaids which my today creative space is filled with!

Both prints are available in my Etsy shop and hopefully soon I'll be adding some mermaids!
See more creative spaces at Kootoyoo.


  1. Just wonderful - I love it! K

  2. I love those! I hope to try screen printing someday.

  3. Oh they look fabulous! Love how the scribbly texture printed up. What a yummy space, I love love love screen printing.

  4. I love the bird hair day. Just gorgeous.

  5. Mmmmmmm love the screen prints - how fun! Your style is really great, and humourous too - love it!


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