Paloma Faith

My weekend started with staying up late to watch Paloma Faith on Jools Holland, I love her! And worth staying up for, she's just a fantastic voice! and a great character!! and her interview and 'blue's voice' with Jools is amazing!.... it's worth 10 minutes of your time!


  1. Ahhh.... currently the favorite song of my nearly 2 and 4 year old girls is 'New York'. We can't switch on the pc without them asking to see the song on youtube... Quite funny to hear my youngest sing along "New Yo new Yo" as we don't even speak English!

    Paloma has an amazing voice and such a sparkling personality and I'll always be grateful to 'Never mind the buzzcocks' for introducing her to us!

  2. Ah how fantastic! Your girls have great taste! and I love Never mind the Buzzcocks too! Thanks for the lovely comment!


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