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I went out for tapas with a friend last night, I don't ever really go out on a school night...and after how tired I'm feeling this morning I know why!! dancing and shaking maraca's to a Jazz band at 11.30, up and making 3 packed lunches at 6.15....needless to say I'm rocking the shabby chic look this morning! ...

So here's my creative space, filled with reference for work, lots of creative pretty papers for collage (from mod scraps) some books for inspiration ( Play Pen by Martin Salisbury with a Marc Boutavant cover illustration and Hand job by Michael Perry)

The Halloween box illustration is from Martha Stewart and is for the kids to make up and put treats in for their friends as we are going to have a Halloween tea party!
Also for inspiration I've been visiting here, here, and there!

Check out and join in more creative spaces at where are those Fizzy fish....


  1. I love the paper. So bright and cheery!

  2. I'm really enjoying the vision of you rocking the shabby chic look.

    Glad you had a fun night.

  3. Lots of yummy goodies there but where are the photos of you shaking those maracas?! Love a bit of yin and yang ;) K


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