'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week

Umbrella by Taro Yashima is a gentle story about a little girl who gets a present of an umbrella and some boots and waits for the rain to come to use them, ( she wouldn't have to wait long if she lived where I live!!)

There are Japanese symbols in the text with their meaning linked to the seasons and the story, the little girl is called Momo, meaning peach ( Sonny loves it when I call him my little Momo!!)
The interesting bit is the biography linked to the author Taro Yashima who wrote the book for his daughter Momo on her eighth birthday.

The illustrations are beautiful especially the rainy illustrations that capture the weather through the use of line and colour.

A perfect read for the rainy season!


  1. Wow! Unusual and beautiful illustrations thanks for posting about this book. Hopefully your prizes arrive sooon from Oz well deserved I say x


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