What's Hot + What's not this week...Lil's Birthday!!

I'm joining in with Loobylu's 'Hot n Not' again this week (join in!) because a lot of hot things have been happening this week, mainly the celebration of Lil's birthday...


Lily turns 10 today!!
Wow 10 lovely years of this fab, gorgeous girl (I'm her mum ! I can gush all I like, it's in the hand book, rule no 5, Always gush about how totally amazing your kids are in a very proud dramatic way...)

Lil's not a girly girl, she loves mud, running, jumping , climbing tree's and ......... fishing! ( I'm proud that she doesn't conform and is very happy and comfortable in wellies holding a fishing rod!)

My mum had this delicious cake made for Lil's party on Saturday, it was 'proper' gorgeous, soft vanilla sponge, butter cream and strawberry jam! magic!...and this was it! all that's left now are the spaghetti rods & wire lines!!

Lil's fishing party!! yep that's what she asked to do!!
12 kids, fished for two hours and they all loved it! They all caught fishes too! one caught a trout! and in their party bags were fishing licences for the year so they can go again!! Then all for fish and chips!! ( 15 children in a fish n chip restaurant cannot be recommended...that should be in the not hot section!)

and lastly on a non birthday note... watching the Robbie concert from last night at the Round house in London on my Pc while I work today...I'm not a massive Robbie fan but he's such a performer and entertainer that I'm really looking forward to watching it here.


Wondering where the heck the last decade has gone...

from this little blob of gorgeousness, to....
... this big blob of gorgeousness! ( Lil's eye's are all watering because I was making her laugh...not because she has me for a mum...honest!)

I can't believe Lil's 10, I feel robbed. Where's it all gone? I want it all back again and someone to press the pause button for a moment.
Lil's sooo happy to be 10 & 'more grown up' and I just want to slow it all down a little!
You love 'em so much it hurts it's like a sadness/ happiness & bursting with proud-ness all at once!... ooooo I'll shut up now, I'm not in a very articulate mood (GCSE English B...it'll not surprise you to know!!)

So Yeah, Happy Birthday Lil! XXXX

and lastly...squeezing into skinny black jeans this morning after eating too much cake, muffin top here I come!


  1. Oooooh! A very BIG Happy Birthday Lil!!!
    And thanks Lisa, you had me welling up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all goes MUCH too fast! xx

  2. Happy birthday Lily, youve turned out spot on.love the stubb family,

  3. Oh what lovely words....Makes me feel all sentimental. I'm wondering where the last 9 months have gone with my little blob so heaven help me after 10 years!

  4. Happy birthday Lil! A fishing party is an awesome AWESOME idea.

  5. what a gorgeous girl. happy birthday to her. your post is so very well done. you put into perfect words all of the emotions i feel when i look at my little miss 10


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