My creative space...

I've tried to arrange the chaos this week... to look more organized, like the super efficient person I am!
So this is my desk in my studio...

... a little monkey business, a a fabric picture in progress...

... a drawing of a cat family by Skyla which I think is wonderful, the cats look to be on little wheels! and a Cinderella sketch by me, inspired by Skyla's performance as Cinderella at school, I'm thinking it would make a nice screen print if I choose the colours right...

... look you can see the little wheels, my children's drawing are so inspiring!
And some lovely tape I bought from here.

See more creative spaces here at Kootoyoo, join in!
This creative space at V for Violet puts my little humble button jar in the top pic to shame!! and if you like buttons and felt, Tanya is doing a giveaway too! fab!


  1. I just love kids drawings, they are just so fresh and fun! I have so many I have kept over the years I just cant part with them.

  2. Skyla's cats are the cats pyjamas! Really cool and cute. Your drawings are ace too! I know what you mean about childrens drawings, they can be so inspiring, and fun xo

  3. Lovely space. I love the colours you are using. I love the wheels too! :)

  4. Lovely - all of it. The red buttons are very cute - love a bit of red!!

  5. Skyla is such a good artist!!
    Loving the monkey too - very cute!
    And the I have buttons, maybe I need more ribbons....xx

  6. How good is the cat?...the apple doesn't fall far I guess. x

  7. what lovely creative spaces! i think childrens drawings are the best and very inspiring, they have so much charm! your monkey is looking very cool too!

  8. Hi there lisa, love all that you are sharing with us, fab inspiration! You are a truly wonderful mum!!
    Perhaps skyla would like to create her very own button tin ( if she hasn`t already ) ,as a child my grandma had a beautiful electric blue tin, with the most eyecatching butterfly on the lid. When ever a button fell off a shirt,it would go straight into the butterfly tin. Some days i remember just swirling my hands around that tin, you should try it, ever so ..... nice!
    Now, along side my treasured Cath Kidston sewing box, i have a beautiful decorated (country rose type )tin, with every shape, size and colour button inside.Not only brings a sense of tradition purely for myself, i really never ever have to buy a button.


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