Boys and sticks...

I had a shock when I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time...and then to find out babe was a boy ...... nooooo!
what was I to do with a boy? I was used to my girls, their co-ordinated organized play, sitting for hours drawing, role playing...making lists and school registers!

I uses to see boys in the playground charging around screaming, coats over their shoulders bat man stylie belting the poo out of each other with their lunch boxes! noooo I don't want one of those!!

All my friends with boys would say, "Oh boys are soooo loving, you'll love having a boy".....
And it's true! I do, I love the differences, wonderful!!

One of the lessons I've learnt about boys are that they are magnetized to sticks, we can't go on any walk with out a stick being involved.... it's either a ninja weapon, a gun, a sword or a Harry potter flying broom...

I always said I would never buy Sonny a toy gun.... but I didn't need to a stick is one...a ruler.... rolled up paper, it's a boy thing! My friend's son once bit his morning toast into the shape of a gun and started shooting it over the breakfast bar!!! Boy's eh!!


  1. I can so relate - my boy has opened my eyes to a new world of play - quite different to girls! It's wonderful!

  2. Boys are great aren't they? !! Imagine how stunned I was after 3 lots of cars, sticks and tumbling games to have a girl who could just sit and play!!! x

  3. I've always been a little scared about having a girl, but frankly you're selling it to me! Two boys under the belt, and I love them to bits but they drive me mad with their banging and clattering and stick-grabbing and inability to sit still and do ANYTHING. And I thought it was just my cruddy parenting! Phew, relieved to know that it's a boy thing... hmmm maybe a girl would kinda tip the balance in the right direction...


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