'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week

I made this book for Sky's 6th birthday, but it took so long that she got it a couple of months too late!!
It was also going to be a surprise, but she caught me working on it one evening and wanted to help! Which ended up being the perfect collaboration!!

I made Lil an ABC book for her 6th birthday too, filled with toys, friends and objects that were around her at the time and now it's a real treat to look through together, a mini heirloom! and even at the tender age of nearly 10 she feels nostalgic looking at it!!

Here's a few pages from Sky's

Sky ended her ABC book with a picture of a cat...

and our hands to say we made it by hand.

I've bought a little book to start Sonny's, and have started a collection of snaps of his cars and other toys to put in.
He's not 6 for a another two years but after the time it took me to do Sky's I'd better start it now!
Ooooo lovely job no. 402....


  1. This is great! What a fab idea - might blog about it if thats OK???

  2. Great book idea - have you thought about the commercial possibilities, where folk could buy a book with spaces in which to paste their own pics (could be offered as a digital download)?? Ahh there I go, as a Yorkshire man, always on the lookout for 'brass'.

  3. what a lovely idea! The book will be treasured forever I'm sure!

  4. Oh I'm so inpsired!
    I've made a few story books for my son already with photo's of him in for his speech development as he has a speech disorder and needs only visual stimulus in order to learn... he can't do it like other kids. So I took photo's of him at the park going down the slide to teach him words like slide, going down.. you know :)

    So putting it all together in one big book for him sounds so wonderful and I think I may just do it.

    thanks for constantly being an inspiration to me :)


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